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Let’s Pack the House!

We are a week away from RUDC17!! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m over the moon! It’s going to be so much fun! An entire day of just playing games, fangirling, and building pillow forts with all of the amazing Featured Authors – can anyone ask for anything better? (I mean, have you seen the list of authors coming? So. Many. Awesome. Authors! I will be stalking fangirling on all of them.)

But to make this year’s event the best ever, I want to pack the house. I want to make sure that we fill every single seat. (Or all the standing space for the games.) The goal is to be sure all of our reader tickets find homes. I have decided to do one final promo: Buy One Ticket and Bring Your Friend For FREE! Those who buy a reader ticket over the next week will get a free ticket to bring their friend along.


What’s better than playing games with Larissa Ione? Playing games with your best friend and Larissa Ione!

To be fair, each reader who has already bought a ticket will also get a free ticket to bring a friend along, as well. If you have bought a ticket, and know which friend you want to bring along for free, email me with their information: Name, what they want on their badge, and their email address. I’ll get their registration taken care of.

What are you waiting for? Register now! Make sure that you are one of the lucky 100 readers who come to RUDC17!


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