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Swiggity Swag, What’s in the Welcome Bags?

Swag RUDC17

The first thing anyone who goes to con does is dig through their welcome bag. Because, hello. Goodies! But the goodies won’t stop there. We will also be giving away prizes at all of our games, and during the pillow fort party. Basically, readers will be getting presents all day. (Jealous? Join us, on June 3rd and get all of the prizes!)

Whether you’re joining us in Denver for Reading Until Dawn Con in June or not, we would love to help you share your work. We are accepting contributions for our bags, and to giveaway as prizes. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’d like to contribute…

  • We’ll be making 125 bags, this will cover all authors and readers attending. There is no “minimum number” for welcome bags or for game prizes. Everything contributed will get used.
  • Cards, candy, bookmarks, buttons, jewelry, toys, notebooks, and temporary tattoos are some examples of swag we have received in the past. All of that and more and acceptable.
  • BOOKS. If authors or publishers are able to provide books for the welcome bags or as prizes, our attendees are SO grateful to get them!
  • The more unique or useful your items are, the more likely readers will REMEMBER them, and your books!

Ready to send swag or books? Email Casey at readinguntildawnconATgmailDOTcom to get the address!

We all love little getting fun goodies and new books. Thank you, ALL, in advance, for helping to make Reading Until Dawn Con so much fun for readers.



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