A Different Kind of Book Signing

Signing Promo

As a reader and a fangirl, I love going to book signings. I get to walk around and see all different kinds of books on display. I see giant posters, postcards, bookmarks, and small posters propped up on tables. I see authors excited to talk to their fans, and ready to convince readers to try their books for the first time. I see readers rushing over to their favorite authors to gush over their favorite characters, desperate to get their books signed. And I see readers walking up to new authors, ready to be whisked away into far off lands of brand new worlds. There is nothing quite like a book signing. It’s like heaven on earth (at least, for a book lover like myself).

But sometimes, I want more than that. I want more than just a few seconds of gushing and a hastily scrawled signature while fifty other readers wait in line behind me. This is absolutely nothing against authors – authors are amazing people. To be able to sit at a table for hours on end, signing their name over and over again, while their fans wait in the never ending line. (Authors, you guys are ROCK STARS!) But I am a fangirl, and I want more.

I came up with an idea for my ideal type of signing. My perfect signing. Typically, authors sit behind a rectangular table, with all of their goodies on display while I (the reader) stand on the other side of the table and try to talk to them about their books while hoping other fans don’t start a line behind me. At RUDC, we are getting rid of the table. There will be no more barriers between the author and the reader!

The Books and Booze Signing at Reading Until Dawn Con is my perfect idea of a signing. Instead of having the rectangular tables, we will have round tables. Two to three authors will sit at each table, and all of the attendees of RUDC17 will be able to sit at whatever table they want to. And once they sit down, they can talk to the authors. Talk about new worlds, talk about favorite worlds, fangirl gush to their hearts content. For two hours, you can wander the room, meeting new authors and loving old favorites. Plus, with a cash bar, and delicious treats for you to munch on, what more could you want? (Seriously, books + booze + food + favorite authors = perfect night. Am I right, or am I right?)

Of course, because I am a book lover/hoarder, every Featured Author will have books available for purchase. We will have booksellers set up in the room. Just met a new author and you want to try their book? Run over to the bookseller, grab it, buy it, then run back to the author to get it signed. Have a favorite author with a new book out that you didn’t know about? Grab it from the bookseller, then hustle over to their table to get them to sign it. And then you can sit down, drink a beer (or whatever your beverage of choice is), and talk about the books.

Doesn’t that sound like the best signing ever?

The Books And Booze Signing will be held in the evening on Saturday June 3rd. Only Featured Authors and registered attendees will be allowed to participate. After a long day of playing games together, these readers and authors need some down time to sit and talk about books. They won’t have to worry about standing in long lines or feeling rushed in their fangirling.

Want to come to this signing? Register for Reading Until Dawn Con right now! 


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