Reserve Your Hotel Room Today!

The last day to reserve your hotel room at the Embassy Suites Denver Downtown at our discounted price is Thursday, September 17th. Rooms, both singles and doubles, are at a very discounted price of $149.00 per night, excluding taxes and fees. I’ve been told that the rest of the hotel, not including our reserved block of rooms, is completely sold out. If you want to stay in the same hotel as the con, you need to book your room ASAP!

Please remember that in order to get the RUDC discount on your hotel room, you must book one of these three ways:

-You can reserve your room by calling 1-800-HILTONS toll-free or calling the hotel directly at 303-592-1000 and reference Reading Until Dawn.

-You can reserve your room online through this direct link .

-And, finally, you can reserve your room through the hotel website, and enter the Group Code RUD in the group code field under Add Special Rate Codes from the left side of the reservation screen.

If you attempt to book your hotel room through a different site (i.e. you will not receive the discount!

Don’t forget that we do have a Roommate Sign Up Form! Roommates are a great way to split the costs of the hotel, and to make new friends. (And these will be the best friends ever because you already have books in common!)

In the meantime, don’t forget to register! Registration closes on September 25th! 


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