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Hi There

Hi everyone,

First let me apologize for being so quiet lately. Real life has gotten pretty hectic for me. But no worries! I’m back! I’m back even if I have to ignore reality. (That’s a thing, right? I can spend all of my time with you guys? We’re going to say it’s a thing.)

The Up All Night Reading Challenge has been put on an official hiatus while I figure out how to make it even better than before. Let’s just say, you want to read all 50 authors – the grand prize is going to be epic.

In the meantime, make sure you check out the updated Featured Authors list. We have some awesome new authors listed: Roselynn Cannes, K. Ferrin, Kimberly Kennedy, J. A. Souders, Jeanne C. Stein, and  E. D. Walker!

Then, mosey your way over to our tentative schedule. We’re having a pre-conference scavenger hunt (included in the regular registration), games all day every day, a book signing open to the public on Saturday, and field trips!  Are you excited yet?

Don’t forget to register for all this fun! (Quick reminder that registration closes on September 25th, and there will be no registration at the door.) And, if you have registered and are looking for a roommate, check this out.



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