Up All Night Reading Challenge

Up All Night With Avery Flynn


Night Owls of the Earth! I hope you’re only taking a short break from the fabulous next book of the Up All Night Challenge (it’s FREAKING FANTASTIC btw – Dysfunctional by Cynthia St. Aubin) to watch this equally fabulous(!)  interview with Avery Flynn!  Am I being a little overenthusiastic?  NO.  ALL THE BOOKS ARE AMAZING.  READ. REAAAAAAD.

Okay, hopefully you’re back from your book break.  I understand, sometimes it can’t be helped.  Anywhooo, Avery was amazing to meet and was a total trooper through a myriad (okay, just a couple, but how often do we get to say myriad?) of technical difficulties.  Plus, she has a special guest in her background that proves her level of amazing if you haven’t read her book yet!  Enjoy!  Oh, and spoilers ahead!




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