Up All Night Reading Challenge

Up All Night Reading Challenge

Hi everyone,

Happy belated New Year! Yes, I know I’m about two weeks late with that, but better late than never. Right? *grin* 2015 is going to be a fantastic year. Mostly because Reading Until Dawn Con is less than nine months away now!! Eeek! Are you as excited as I am?

But nine months is still pretty far away. So, to get everyone excited, I’ve come up with something absolutely brilliant and fun. (I’m totally biased, by the way.) Without any further ado, let me introduce you to the Up All Night Reading Challenge!

Up All Night Reading Challenge
9 Months, 50 Authors, 1 Big Party
Hosted by Reading Until Dawn Con

Do you ever challenge yourself to read a book by the authors attending an event?  Everyone who is coming to RUDC, and even those who can’t make it that weekend, are all invited to read at least one book by each author. Like the tagline says, that’s 50 authors in the next 9 months. And then we can all party all weekend long!

Sound like fun? I for one, am really excited to try out some new authors, and revisit my favorites. 🙂

Want to join in? Comment below, or in our Goodreads group and don’t forget to tell us how many you’re going for!

Every other Wednesday, we will post an interview with the author of the book that we read. At the end of each month, we’ll do a monthly wrap up session, letting you know what books we read, links to our interviews, links to the featured bloggers’ interviews with authors, and what books we will read the next month.

The first interview will be with Darynda Jones, and will be posted on 1/21. We will be discussing First Grave on the Right. Do you have any questions for her? Let us know and we’ll ask!

Are you excited yet?! Now you can learn about each author before partying it up in October.



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