Poll Question

I asked this question on Facebook the other day and didn’t get many responses. (Probably because Facebook hid my post from everyone. Because that’s what Facebook does. *sigh*)

With RUDC 14 months away, I figured I should get started on the schedule. Or at least, a very tentative schedule. But that brought up the question, when should I have the book signing? I’ve seen it done mornings, afternoons and evenings at different cons, and personally, I don’t really have  a favorite time.

What about you? Is there a specific time you like to have the book signing? Are you like me and not care? I have a while to figure this out, but I thought I would get some input from you guys.







2 thoughts on “Poll Question”

  1. I’m not really sure! If it’s a big signing, it might be nice to have it in the evening where it doesn’t make you late for anything else. If it’s smaller (which I think you’re going for?) it probably doesn’t matter very much to me. Afternoon might be easiest to recruit extra authors/attendees who aren’t staying for the whole thing.

    My favorite signing was the 2012 Avon one at RT where all the authors had their own table and you could mingle with nibbles and such. The 2014 one was just too crowded for my taste, but wow, very successful.

    So, classic engineering answer: it depends!

    1. The signing won’t be too big. It will be open to the public, so like you said, the afternoon or evening might be easiest for others to come.

      I love the Avon signings at RT! Especially their cupcakes. *grin* Usually, I’m against getting food and books so close together but maybe I can get cupcakes/snacks at the signing. And people will want to eat more later in the day.

      Thanks Nicola! ❤

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