So, I’m Hosting A Con…

I’m so, so, so very happy and excited to announce that I’m hosting a con! Wheee!

I want a con where authors and readers hang out and have fun together. Anyone can go to RT or RWA or any of the many other cons and listen to their favorite authors talk about their glamorous writing lives. But how often to do you really get to sit down and talk with them and really get to know the person/creator of your favorite fictional characters? Not that often.

Reading Until Dawn Con is going to change that. There will be no panels on writing. Instead, we’re going to play games, have group chats, and any other fun things that I can come up with in the next year. *grin*

RUDC will be in Denver, on October 8th-11th 2015. I have a bunch of author interest, but I won’t put anything online until I get confirmation from them.  I’ll also be updating the hotel information in the next couple of weeks.

I hope all of you join me in Oct. 2015!




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